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  • About our School


    Innovative in approach and inspiring in more ways than one, the SR Digi School now turns learning into an unforgettable experience. This new concept adds a new dimension to the traditional text book and blackboard method of teaching. Visual aids now change the way things are taught and understood thereby improving the power of understanding in students.

    This technology reaches out to the common man through its affordability and provides the ideal platform for children from all walks of life to make a mark for themselves. The school not only creates an avenue for those who aspire to make their dreams come true, it also inspires students to pick up their subjects with ease and be on par with the best. The school has classes from Nursery to X with all the usual amenities


    To bring quality education within reach of the common man with easy admissions, affordable education and all the amenities to empower learning.


    In its endeavor to turn out disciplined, dignified and highly focused individuals, SR believes in motivating children to be responsible citizens of the country.

    The SR Group

    In step with its mission, SR has not only provided the ideal education platform on level with global technological changes, it has brought quality education within affordable reach of one and all! With a lineage of over 43 years, SR Digi School has set up landmark institutions and provides the best infrastructure to nurture growth. Working continuously to shape and encourage young minds, SR is the perfect threshold for those who want to make a mark and rub shoulders with the best in the world.

    Besides setting very high standards, SR has made a name for itself in the field of education by setting up an array of educational institutions. These make sure that students get a firm foundation and move forward into colleges and get job-ready with all the required skills. The SR umbrella covers the entire span from education to employability.

    The men at the helm
    Shri Madhukar Reddy, Director | Shri Santhosh Reddy, Director

    The new generation of Directors carry the SR tradition ahead in every respect. Building on the foundations set up by Shri Varadha Reddy, they work towards ensuring that the SR name goes with quality education at every stage. While maintaining discipline, they focus on academics and administration.

    Their total commitment and contribution in a student’s education and progress is four fold:

    • Counsel and motivate students to give their very best
    • Complete involvement in the teaching process
    • Regular feedbacks from students on the quality of teaching
    • Be easily accessible to students