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    New Age Technology enables students to understand subjects faster by
    opening up the world of multimedia as a tool to better education. SR Digi Schools across Telangana have digital classrooms from Nursery to 10th

    • Animations & video clips makes learning easy
    • Stress-free learning
    • Sound & Video make learning fun and interesting
    • Improves the academic performance
    • Helps teacher explain concepts easily
    • Enables instant assessment in class

    This program aims to prepare high school students intent on pursuing engineering or medicine as a career. A head start when it comes to gaining entrance to IITs, Medical and other premier institutions.

    • A parallel IIT and Medical foundation program without deviating from regular curriculum
    • Syllabus designed to develop conceptual learning, logical thinking and developing analytical thinking
    • Syllabus conceived from State/ICSE/CBSE
    • Critical approach to problem solving & analytical skills
    • Special emphasis on Conceptual learning with strong
    • Three Maths periods and two Science periods everyday, practice makes
      one perfect
    • Individual attention on students to excel in all competitive exams
    • Micro Analysis of the students' performance and progress at
      regular intervals
    • A solid foundation program for JEE(Main) & JEE(Advanced)
    • Program that aims in making IIT foundation easy for all levels of students
    • Improves comprehensive learning skills in IIT foundation
    • Program designed to learn concepts in an effortless manner
    • Program set our for success in exams like RMO, NTS, AMTI and all Olympiads
    • A complete foundation program for JEE(Main) and JEE(Advanced)
    • A Program that is suitable for all levels of students
    • Excellent school eduction for board exmination as well handy foundation course
    • Step by step strong foundation of concepts and fundamentals
    • Program is designed to learn concepts in an effortless manner