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  • SR National High School Block II, Advocates Colony, Hanamakonda.
  • Primary

    SR believes that quality of Primary Education holds the key to all further learning and achievements of an individual. Our primary curriculum aims at guiding young minds to tread th path of curiosity and confidence and enables the child to grow on multiple dimensions making them open minded, caring and ethical individuals.

    • Well framed micro schedules
    • Special care for slow learners
    • Experienced and well trained teachers
    • Technologically well equiped digital classrooms
    • Conveying ability, training on soft skills and effective communication
    • Activity based approach
    • Enhancement of the skills like self awareness, problem-solving, social etiquette, interpersonal relationships, empathy and team work
    • Play way methods along with modern techniques of teaching are adopted. Importance is given on language, ethics and human values and basic fundamentals of the subjects without stress.

    Life skills

    Adolescence, a vital stage of growth and development, marks the period of transition from childhood to adulthood. It is characterized by rapid physiological changes and psychosocial maturation. As adolescents mature cognitively, their mental process becomes more analytical. They are now capable of abstract thinking, better articulation and of developing an independent ideology. These are the actual years of creativity, idealism, buoyancy and a spirit of adventure.

    Using interactive project work, role plays and group discussions and analysis of cases from real life, our educated faculty creates awareness about Developing Self Identity, managing emotions better. Students learn about interpersonal relationships, channelize their energy, get emotionally stable and can think of handling life issues by themselves.

    Skills like Creative Thinking, Decision Making and Problem solving are taught using interesting analogies and live case scenarios help the student in making life’s biggest decisions like selecting a line of study, building a career and handling challenges.

    To face the world with confidence, SR has integrated Communication Skills, Personality Development & Presentation Skills which is given importance by our teaching staff as it helps build confidence, talent and creativity in the students.